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The images added here are scans of vintage postcards dating from the late 1800's to the early 1900's and are now in the public domain.

As they are public domain you may do as you wish with them however, I would love to see what you create using them. I comment on & fav all works created using the stock which I have added here.

I have hundreds more vintage scans which I will be adding, so keep an eye out for them !

I love seeing how artists here are able to create a "new" piece or art using something "old". There's something about vintage/antique photography, the style, look and even the "feel" of it. When a vintage stock image is recycled to create a new work of art it manages to add that special look and feel. Those of you who are already fans of antique photography know what I am talking about. It's like taking a giant leap back in time, out of this fast paced digital world which we all live in, to a time when things seemed much simpler, much more relaxing and even more refined. In today's world it seems that everyone has a camera, perhaps a small digital camera stuffed in their pocket or purse, or a camera phone which is always within arms reach 24/7. In the old days it was uncommon and even rare for most to own a camera. Those early day photographers managed to craft their skills creating beautiful and sometimes elaborate sets for portraits and especially artistic nudes. It was much more than just a shot of a person or a nude body, it was an overall well thought out image with carefully placed props and backgrounds set just right to fit the mood for the style of image they were wanting to capture. Many of the poses used back then are still used by professional photographers today. Now I'm certainly not saying that photographers today are not putting thought or effort into their work, simply that it is different.

Anyway ... with that said it's time for me to add some new stock.
If you see something you like feel free to recycle it into a new work of art to give it a touch of vintage feel.
Most importantly: Have Fun !

A big thanks to all who have used my stock ! Love your work. :heart:
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February 19, 2008


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